Tax Appeal 2016

It’s 6am on a winter morning and Graham is starting up the Drug ARM van. He is preparing for the morning’s outreach patrol with a sense of gratitude.

Graham works at the front line as the Queensland Street Outreach Service Coordinator.

Every day he sees the true impact that homelessness has on people’s lives.

In his own words: “Every story is different. From the Drug ARM van, our volunteers reach out to all people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

“We help the mothers and children living in the family car. We help the men who can’t afford rent following the breakdown of a relationship. We help the teenagers who are seeking refuge from a violent home life.”

“These are decent people. People who did not choose homelessness and with the support of services like the SOS they can rebuild their lives. I know you agree that they deserve the chance and support to do this.”

Graham is a father and an active member of the local community.

Graham’s vision is to see Drug ARM’s Street Outreach Services reaching and helping as many people as possible.

The demand for our services is high and getting higher – particularly with the ice epidemic impacting so many families.

Over the next 12 months our aim is to expand in to new areas of need.

We plan to have our first vans patrolling the streets of Ipswich this June and reaching out to the Gold Coast by Christmas.

The Street Outreach Service receives no government funding and we could not provide these services without the support of our donors.

With your ongoing support we can keep Drug ARM’s vans patrolling the streets of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Every gift makes a difference. Since this time last year our vans have already completed over 250 patrols reaching out to thousands of people on the streets.

Drug ARM also partners with over 100 outreach volunteers to make your financial donation go even further.

A gift of $50 could fund supplies for 5 outreach patrols, a gift of $100 could fund one week’s worth of fuel and $500 could fund 5 volunteers to complete specialist training.

Even a small pledge can go a long way. We promise that your money will go directly to our outreach program, in particular funding the expansion of our services.